I think SKA must definitely win, there’s nowhere to go. And so there was already an absurd defeat in which they squandered their glasses. It is simply necessary to have a comfortable advantage, so St. Petersburg residents will try very hard. I think they can win with a difference of two goals.

The Chinese team is not so strong, so Petersburgers will be able to warm up well this way. Today there is every chance to earn rusk. I do not think that the Chinese team will be able to throw at least one puck into the army gate. At the same time, SKA hockey players will win more than a landslide victory. I am convinced they can have a lot of fun during sixty minutes of regular match time.

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There will definitely not be a devastating account. There is very little time left before the playoffs. All teams, rather, work out tactical moments and do not strive to win 5: 0 or 6: 0.

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